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UrbanArts, Inc. Records, 1970-2014

By Margaret Phalen, under the supervision of Eve Griffin, 2014

Collection Overview

Title: UrbanArts, Inc. Records, 1970-2014

Predominant Dates: 1980-2014

Extent: 300.0 Linear Feet

Arrangement: The records were inventoried and arranged into four series prior to donation to the Boston Public Library by Paul Dobbs, Library Director at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Matthew Hincman, Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The collection was further arranged chronologically within each series during the creation of this finding aid. The collection is made up of 113 boxes sepeterated into four series: Adminstration, Programming and Project Files, Publications and Publicity, and Oversize Material.

Date Acquired: 08/29/2013

Languages: English [eng]


The collection provides a comprehensive history of the UrbanArts Institute public art activities of Boston and is a vital resource for scholars and historians of public art administration, urban planning, and contemporary Boston history. The collection includes photographs, slides, negatives, contact sheets, samples of artwork, administrative records, newspaper clippings documenting the activities of the institute, and a small amount of oversized materials.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The UrbanArts Institute is an independent, non-profit organization 501(c) (3) affiliated with Massachusetts College of Art and Design. An award winning non-profit, UrbanArts has a thirty-year history of managing and implementing temporary and permanent works of public art and design. The collection provides a comprehensive history of the public art activities of Boston and is a vital resource for scholars and historians of public art administration, urban planning, and contemporary Boston history.

The UrbanArts Records are comprised of visual materials such as photographs, slides, negatives, contact sheets, and samples of artwork, as well as administrative records such as business correspondence, publicity (posters, pamphlets, flyers, published reports, manuscripts and galleys), artist contracts, and annual reports. There are newspaper clippings documenting the activities of the institute, and a small amount of oversized materials. There is a small amount of AV material: audiocassettes of oral history interviews documenting the Orange Line, as well as VHS recordings of various public arts projects.

The collection is made up of 113 boxes sepeterated into four series: Adminstration, Programming and Project Files, Publications and Publicity, and Oversize Material.

The administration series (1970-2012) contains general program files, director's files, financial files, grant research files, and board of director's files. It primarily contains correspondence, financial, and grant information, including applications for grants, acceptance and rejection letters, and monthly project updates for grant-funded projects. It also contains agendas and meeting minutes from Board of Director's meetings, as well as correspondence and administrative files for UrbanArts founder and director, Pamela Worden.

Programming and Project Files (1974- 2012) covers administrative, correspondence, and grant information for the Arts in Transit, the Central Artery Project, and YouthWorks/Art Works programs, as well as smaller, individual projects. These files contain photographs, slides, negatives, contact sheets, AV material, artist contracts, publicity, and other administrative information about each project.

Publications and Publicity (1980-2004) contains newspaper clippings and press releases related to public art and UrbanArts, Inc. It includes clippings from local newspapers and newsletters, including The Boston Ledger, Southwest Corridor News, the Harvard Advocate, Cambridge Chronicle, Jamaica Plain Art News, The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, and The Boston Herald, among others. It also contains publication preparation files, which include drafts of reports, photographic prints of images used in publications, author biographies, and film negatives.

The Oversize Materials (1980-2002) Series also covers works that do not necessarily fit into other catergories in addition to oversized material. It includes VHS tapes of TV news segments about public art projects, audio cassettes of radio interviews, and oversized materials including copies of posters and handouts from UrbanArt events.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions:

Items in this collection may be subject to copyright restrictions. The Boston Public Library does not hold copyright on the material in this collection. Researchers are responsible for identifying and contacting the persons or organizations that hold copyright.

When reproducing material from this collection please include the credit line "Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/ Arts Department."

Acquisition Source: Massachusetts College of Art

Acquisition Method: Gift

Processing Information: Margaret Phalen, under the supervision of Eve Griffin, 2014

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: AdministrationAdd to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: General Program FilesAdd to your cart.
Description of Series
Box 1Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: Box 1: MCAH Conference, etc., 1970-1985Add to your cart.
Contains magazines, brochure packets, annual reports for other art projects, and stationary. There is a blank A4 architects and designer's diary (1977), and a 1970 calender and engagement book, which has been filled in by Pamela Worden, scrap paper with various notes and personal mail. Also included in this box is Massachusetts Council of Arts and Humanities planning: workshop ideas, local contacts, possible speakers, etc., budget/expense forms, agendas/minutes, and P.W.'s personal correspondence.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 2: Box 2: Directors Files, Grant Apps, 1980-1985Add to your cart.
Contains grant research applications and responses, educational program budget forms, letters to public art programs across the country, newspaper clippings, fundraising information, and mailing lists. Also includes copies of Pamela Worden's resume, UrbanArts Stationary, board meeting minutes, and notes from staff meetings.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 3: Box 3: Arts Organization Files, 1984-1988Add to your cart.
Contains arts administration programs, information about community arts agencies and minority arts programs, exhibit planning information (1984-1988), information about local community service agencies, directories, and arts newsletter. This box also includes correspondence, brochures, and general information sheets about UrbanArts programs.
Box 4Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 4: Box 4: Urban Arts project files pre-2000 reference, 1985-1995Add to your cart.
Contains master copies of forms and brochures for public mailing, as well as slide registry files for a number of different institutions, including the Boston Fire Department, the Boston City Hospital, and many one-time users. There is also a foundry list, "National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies," and public arts background information from the National Endowment of the Arts and the U.S. Department of Transportation. There are also several folders containing news clippings and reprints to be used for reference purposes.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 5: Box 5: Various Project Files, 1986-1989Add to your cart.
Contains commission brochure drafts and information about commissions for public art projects.  Full copies of the Taft Nonprofit Executive (1986-1989) are included, as are issues of Foundation News (1988-1989), and clippings of newspaper and magazine articles (1986-1989). There is a book published by the Art Institute of Boston entitled Intimate Glimpses of Greater Boston Neighborhoods, which features photography from around Boston by several artists accompanied by artist statements. There are fact sheets about the UrbanArts educational art programs, the Mosaic Project, as well as submissions to UrbanArts for potential public art projects.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 6: Box 6: SR #4 (4), 1987Add to your cart.
Includes themes, budget, and planning for the Public Art Conference (1987). There are also reprints, newspaper clippings, and press releases related to UrbanArts, Inc. projects, "Boston Visions" competition information, UrbanArts office photos as slides/negatives (1987), Bank of Boston letters of support, and contractor files.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 7: Box 7, 1988-1993Add to your cart.
Contains procedures for the filing of press clippings, as well as file label color charts and an office procedure book. Additionally, there are copies of correspondence sent from Urban Arts, and news releases (1988-1990). A copy of  a curriculum resource book for teachers called Where are We Going and Where Have We Been?, as well as "Creating a Sense of Purpose: Public Art on Boston's Orange Line", a pamphlet by Myrna Breitbart and Pamela Worden. The report for "Creating a Sense of Place in Urban Communities" is also included, as well as the annual report from 1992, various analysis reports, three printed booklets with student creative writing in them, and 10 student papers from Pamela Worden's Public Art Classes.
Box 8Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 8: Box 8: Appeals, 1989-1997Add to your cart.
Contains the 1995 Wellesley Appeal and Alumnae directory, general annual appeals for donations, and copies of thank you letters to contributors from UrbanArts, Inc. Also included are documents for the Boston Society of Architects award party planning, info packets, and guest list (1994). There is also general information on fundraising and special event planning. Plans for the Tribe Party, an annual benefit party to honor and meet the young people who participated in the UrbanArts summer jobs program, hosted by Carolyn and Larry Tribe, include guest lists letters to contributors. Copies of Youth Works/Art Works scrapbooks given to Carolyn and Larry Tribe in 1992, and slide registry fact sheet from 1990 are also included.
Box 9Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 9: Box 9: Misc. Admin., 1991-1997Add to your cart.
Contains copies and clippings of newspaper articles about UrbanArts, Inc. in the 1990s. Also includes notes on a NEFA purchase incentive grant, calls to artists, fundraising ideas, magazine subscriptions, and spiral-bound booklets about projects and containing poetry by students in the program. Additionally, pictures and permissions from 1997, and some office and equipment information is included as well.
Box 10Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 10: Box 10: Appeals, 1991-1997Add to your cart.
Contains general administrative documents such as cash flow projections, meeting minutes and agendas, financial reports, and annual reports. Also includes annual appeals for donations, thank you letters to contributors, copies of donations and receipts, list of potential contributors, and appeal responses. In addition there is a file of prospective consultant resumes, and one for a Massachusetts foundation executive summary.
Box 11Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 11: Box 11: Massport Pre-1993, Vendome People Files, 1993Add to your cart.
Contains correspondence to and from UrbanArts, Inc., and P.W. Notable correspondents include Mairanne Abrams, Ronald Bailey, Boston Photo Co-Op, Clementine Brown, Hillary Clinton, and Walter Cronkite. Also included in this box are resumes kept on file, newspaper clippings and copies of articles pertaining to UrbanArts, Inc., and final drafts of Beyond a Sense of Place (1993). The "People Files" correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name, but only extends to "E."
Box 12Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 12: Box 12: 'Heads-Up' Curr., Resource Notebook, YW/AW Mission Main, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
Contains files pertaining to: travelling photo show, and sites(1996); the Dudley Arts Project and First Night (1997). There is information relating to a job posting and applications for the 1996 position of Youth Works/Art Works photography instructor, and the Youth Works/Art Works 1996 Summer Program paperwork. Files for potential staff/volunteers are also included (Summer/Fall 1996, 1997). There are supply and equipment inventories, correspondence from Juliet Stone, the Project Director for the Blue Hills Avenue project (1996), information about potential grants, and board meeting minutes. In addition, there is information about the Mission Main project, including contracts, proposals, invoices, correspondences, subcontractors, pamphlets/books, and PR information.
Box 13Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 13: Box 13: UA/MCA 21, 1996-2012Add to your cart.
Contains lists of international contacts and correspondence, a list of board members, and resumes kept on file. There is information on the Mattapan/Blue Hill Avenue project, as well as the Dot Ave (2009). Web planning for UrbanArts, as well as conference notes and clippings from various newspaper articles relating to UrbanArts, Inc. There are files on the Massachusetts Cultural Council salary grant (FY09), and bank recommendations and vendor payments (FY09 and FY07).
Box 14Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 14: Box 14: UA/MCA 20, 1999-2008Add to your cart.
Includes resumes and interview questions for the position of Program Associate (1999), as well as UrbanArts planning group files, and Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities forms, correspondence, and general administrative information. There are notes from the Massachusetts Cultural Association seminars for Fall 2000 and Spring 2001, as well as an article about universal design. Also included are notes about a "Civic Initiative for a Livable New England," and 18-month initiative sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects consisting of formal presentations and moderated debates about key issues surrounding smart growth and action agenda for a livable region.
Box 15Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 15: Box 15: UA/MCA 18, 2000-2003Add to your cart.
Contains notes and information about the CyberArts Conference, press clippings, letters, and reprints about public art in Boston and UrbanArts, Inc. (2001-2002), Op.Ed. pieces about UrbanArts, and a consulting agreement for Jennifer McGregor. Also includes legal forms and contract for the UrbanArts/MassArt alliance. Individual files for several projects, including the Boston Aquarium project, the Cleveland Circle Project, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts project, the Veteran's Memorial Project, the Nature Trail Project, the Harold Connolly Park project, the Dreams of Freedom Museum project, and the Massport Parking Garage Project, among others.
Box 16Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 16: Box 16: UA/MCA 17, 2000-2008Add to your cart.
This box includes a report on review of financial statements and supplementary information (2007-2008). Massachusetts Cultural Council files including: Professional Development grant application (2001, 2002), YouthReach partnership (2002), YouthReach applicationand grant rejection letter (2003), Education Partnership Initiative (2001). Additionally, there are press releases for the YouthReach art exhibition and the MassArt/UrbanArts alliance, announcements and photo slides for the As We See It: Voices and Views of Boston Teens exhibition at the Boston National Historic Park Visitor Center, and for the exhibition Atlantic Journey by Jane Goldman at Logan International Airport. There are also several other grant applications for the National Endowment of the Arts, the New England Foundation for the Arts, and the AC Ratshesky foundation. In addition, there are symposium publications, notes and planning for the Big Dig Symposium, the Central Artery Conference and Symposium, and the Digital Public Art Symposium.
Box 17Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 17: Box 17: UA/MCA 19, 2000-2008Add to your cart.
Contains news clippings about public art, board files including the mission statement and W2 forms, audit information, including a certificate of solicitation, 2004, Taxes from 2004, accounting audits for Robert Ercolani in 2008, IRS audits in 2005, 2006, and 2008, and year end spending information. Also included are job announcements, information about the Arts and Business Council, the MassArt Public Arts Committee, and the Diversity Initiative. Files pertaining to individual projects include the Mission Hill Park Project, the Police Memorial Project, the Worcester Firefighters Memorial Project, the DOE grant project and contracts, the Teen Curator Project, and the IBA Mural Project.
Sub-Series 2: Director's FilesAdd to your cart.
Box 18Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 18: Box 18: UA/MCA 13, 1999-2009Add to your cart.
Contains brochures, draft fundraising letters, files about the Creative Economy Initiative, community partnerships, community outreach, and the Art Services Coalition. A file on the Boston Foundation is also included, and contains by-laws, a service organization grant, and information on the "Vision Fund." There are also files on reimbursements and invoices for Paul Wasserman and Associates, a consultant hired to help with strategic planning. In addition, there are notes from different focus groups, and drafts of the UrbanArts strategic plan, as well as the strategic plan itself.
Box 19Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 19: Box 19: UA/MCA 12, 2000-2005Add to your cart.
Includes files concerning the Cloud Foundation (2001), Henderson Foundation, IBA Youth Reach (2004), Jane's Trust (2004), the SURDNA foundation, the Taylor Foundation, the Boston Arts Commission, Americans for the Arts, and other arts organizations. Also includes information about different fiscal agents projects.
Box 20Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 20: Box 20: UA/MCA 11, 2005-2010Add to your cart.
Contains the Director's Subject Files on the Fenway Alliance, including a slideshow on CD-ROM. Also includes information on the Friends of Ft. Point Channel, the MacDowell Colony, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Wentworth Task Force, and MassArt. Grant applications for some of these organizations, including an Adam's grant from the Friends of Ft. Point Channel, are included.
Sub-Series 3: Board of DirectorsAdd to your cart.
Box 21Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 21: Box 21: UA/MCA 25, 1984-1994Add to your cart.
Contains correspondence and notes relating to an audit (1989). Also contains Board meeting notes and correspondences from 1990-1994. There are Board resumes, potential staff resumes, budgets (1984-1986), reprints and newspaper clippings relating to UrbanArts, Inc., and the UrbanArts personnel policy.
Box 22Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 22: Box 22: Arborway File, 1987-1990Add to your cart.
Contains the UrbanArts, Inc. bylaws, the "500 Arborway Project" file, which consists of correspondence related to the project, and the correspondences "Read Files," binders filled with copies of letters and responses to those letters from UrbanArts, Inc.
Box 23Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 23: Box 23: Directors, 1993-2000Add to your cart.
Contains letters of endorsements and awards, copies of Pamela Worden's resume, a file about the Institute of Contemporary Art's Board of Overseers, fact sheets about UrbanArts, Inc., the Arts in Transit Mailing List (1991 July 2), staff and prime consultant resumes (1993), and the UrbanArts annual appeal (1994). There is also a copy of the Mission Statement of UrbanArts, Inc., as well as a file outling the fee structure, and minutes from Board meetings (1992 and 1993), as well as the Executive Forum meeting. The 1994 staff proposal, information about the development of a slide registry, a binder containing information about the 10th anniversary projects, and the 1993 Board Book are also in this box.
Box 24Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 24: Box 24: UA/MCA 14, 2000-2007Add to your cart.
Contains annual Board meeting notes, including minutes, agendas, and reports. Also includes annual strategic plans, budget summaries, and correspondences related to Board meetings.
Sub-Series 4: Financial FilesAdd to your cart.
Box 25Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 25: Box 25: UA/MCA 23, 1995-2006Add to your cart.
This box contains monthly updates sent out for several different grants from FY2003, exhibition and project contracts, tax reporting MAT's (2005), and W9 forms (2006). Also includes job descriptions, including addresses for posting jobs and a job posting mailing list, office equipment customer service receipts, design/graphics services information and receipts, copier receipts, catering information, payment requests and timesheets, human resources forms, travel expense forms, and consultant contracts. Fact sheets about UrbanArts, Inc., including information about the resources center (1996-1997), the YouthWorks/ArtWorks program (1996), and a short history of the company and their programs (1996). There are also files about the UrbanArts bank account with Citizens Bank, their accounts with Irish Memorial and Macedonia, checks and donations to UrbanArts, fiscal agents projects, payment receipts, billing statements, consulting invoices, and purchase orders. Files relating to tax exemptions and returns (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003).
Box 26Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 26: Box 26: UA/MCA 24, 2000-2005Add to your cart.
Contains files dealing with checks deposited in UrbanArts account by Jim Maguire, fundraising (2002-2003), including checks, responses, and thank you letters, hotel information, office equipment expenses, phone expenses, Poland Springs expenses, designs, printhouse, and MCC logo design information, resumes, reimbursement forms, and service requests. Also includes a slide registry file dealing with income, articles about UrbanArts, artist resumes, and an orange line T-map. There are also pamphlets and handouts about UrbanArts, Inc.
Box 27Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 27: Box 27: UA/MCA 22, 2002-2012Add to your cart.
Contains project invoices, budget spreadsheets, and UrbanArts monthly grant updates. There are bank statements, deposits, and vendor payments, deposits, bank records, and bills, and spreadsheets (FY02, FY10, FY12).
Sub-Series 5: Grants ResearchAdd to your cart.
Box 28Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 28: Box 28, 1982-1988Add to your cart.
Includes information about grant applications, grants awarded, publications, and the Massachusetts Council technical assistance grant. It also includes information about grants that have been rejected included those through the National Endowment of the Arts, the MCAH New Works, the Old South fund, and the Boston Arts Lottery.
Box 29Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 29: Box 29: "Grants", 1982-1990Add to your cart.
Contrains grant applications and research (1988-1990), mainly for The Mass Council of the Arts and Humanities/MERITAid, which includes interim reports, invoices, contracts, budgets, schedules, and general correspondence (1989-1990). The NEA grant project applications from the late 1980s, as well as applications for the Fund for the Arts and the Metropolitan Cultural Alliance of Massachusetts. MERITAid correspondences and draft grant applications from 1982 are also included.
Box 30Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 30: Box 30, 1987-1994Add to your cart.
Includes a work plan for FY94, as well as grant information for numerous agencies for mainly FY94 including the National Endowment for the Humanities, Newman's Own, the Puffin Foundation Ltd., the Rockefeller Foundation, the L.J. and Mary C. Skaggs foundation, the Andy Warhol foundation for the Arts, the Boston Edison Fund, the Browne Fund, and the Riley Foundation. Also included are UrbanArts financials, budgets, and funding plan/strategy (1994-1996), and planning for the YouthWorks/ArtWorks projects.
Box 31Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 31: Box 31, 1989-1995Add to your cart.
Contains grant information for agencies including: The Boston Foundation, Raytheon, The Boston Globe Foundation, The Boston Women's Fund, Brigham's, Inc., Episcopal City Mission, Cabot Corporation Foundation, General Corporate Grants, MERITAid, and the Riley Initiative. Also includes the annual appeal from 1989/1990.
Box 32Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 32: Box 32, 1991-1995Add to your cart.
Contains grant information for a number of different granting agencies, including, but not limited to: Carlisle foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Jesse B. Cox, Digital Equipment Corportation, Episcopal City Mission, Fidelity Foundation, MERITAid, Fleet Bank, General Conema Corporation, the Getty Foundation, Graham Foundation, Haymarket, Henderson, and the Hughes Memorial Foundation.
Box 33Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 33: Box 33, 1991-1996Add to your cart.
Contains information about grants and granting agencies. Informational files include notes on: The Boston Foundation, Foley, Hoag, Eliot, Ford foundation, the Lotus Development Corporation, Riley Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, The Children's Museum, Safe Neighborhoods, Stop & Shop, Stridrite, Grand Circle, AGM Summerfund, and other agencies.
Box 34Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 34: Box 34, 1991-1996Add to your cart.
Includes information about grants and granting agencies related to UrbanArts. Files include information on: the Associated Grant Makers summer fund, the George I Alden Trust, the Bank of Boston, the Cricket Foundation, Bay Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the City of Boston Trust Office, the Boston Council of Arts and Humanities, the Boston Arts Lottery, and the Boston Foundation.
Box 35Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 35: Box 35, 1992-1998Add to your cart.
Files relating to the Massachusetts Cultural Council funding projects. Includes reports, proposals, budgets, and background information about the programs. Also includes guidelines concerning MCC grants.
Box 36Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 36: Box 36, 1992-1998Add to your cart.
Includes information about funding through the National Endowment of the Arts, the Old South Foundation, the Polaroid Foundation, Raytheon, Reebok, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rowland Foundation, Proposals sorted by projects, and the YouthWorks/ArtWorks "pending grants".
Box 37Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 37: Box 37: UA/MCA 16, 1998-2012Add to your cart.
Includes grant information, applications, responses, and correspondence, from: America for the Arts, the Balfour Foundation, the Boston Cultural Agenda Fund, the Boston Office of Cultural Affairs, the Boston Foundation for Architecture, the Browne Fund, the Clipper Ship Foundation, Deval Patrick, the Doe Grant, the Handspring Foundation, the Henderson Foundation, the Hynes Foundation, the LEF Foundation, the Linde Family foundation, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
Series 2: Programming and Project FilesAdd to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: Arts in TransitAdd to your cart.
Box 38Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 38: Box 38, 1974-1988Add to your cart.
Contains the Southwest Corridor development plans; copies of articles about the project (1988); files containing general administrative information relating the to the Arts in Transit project; procedures for entering applications into the UrbanArts slide registry; notes on seeking funding for the project from sources other than the MBTA to complete the documentation of the project; meeting minutes and notes from the selection committee of the Back Bay Station; plans, correspondences, and further information about the Oral History project; contracts for photographers of the project; other forms, letters, and press releases concerning multiple UrbanArts projects including the Arts in Transit project.
Box 39Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 39: Box 39, 1982-1988Add to your cart.
Contains files from the site committees for each stop on the Southwest Corridor of the Orange line, including Forrest Hills, Massachusetts Avenue, Ruggles, and Roxbury Crossing. Also includes general site committee minutes and information files about Massachusetts government agencies such as the Massachusetts Foundation for Humanities and Public Policy, the Department of Commerce and Development, the office of Senator Kennedy, and the Massachusetts Art Lottery. Contracts and correspondence to and from commissioned artists about their projects, including Dan George, John Scott, and Virginia Gunter. Forms for selected artists, MBTA general information (1985), station plans, inventories, contracts and invoices for artists John Toatley and Paul Goodnight, and a script from the Oral History Project.
Box 40Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 40: Box 40, 1983-1987Add to your cart.
Contains budgets and invoices for the Arts in Transit project, information booklets for the Culture and Commerce: Partners for Success conference, MBTA station profiles, volunteer information, including internship descriptions and requests sent to local agencies and schools, notes and ads for workshops in volunteer management. The Artists' Lens: A Focus on Relocation proposals sent to a number of potential funding institutions, exhibition notes for displays related to the Arts in Transit project, photographer resumes and photographs of Green Street, Stony Brook, Massachusetts Avenue, and Ruggles stations; support letters and support material for the Arts in Transit project.
Box 41Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 41: Box 41, 1984-1986Add to your cart.
Contains Arts in Transit artist contracts, artist proposals, contracts, and monitoring schedules for the project, meeting minutes, project notes on A. Phillip Randolph, grant requests to MCAH, and notes on the artist selection process for the Arts in Transit project.
Box 42Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 42: Box 42: UA/MCA 26, 1984-1990Add to your cart.
Contains Arts in Transit invoices, photographs, prints of commissioned works, colored prints of finished art pieces, a box of slides containing a presentation of "Fashions on the Orange Line," as part of The Artists' Lens: A Focus on Relocation project.
Box 43Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 43: Box 43: UA/MCA 27, 1984-1990Add to your cart.
Contains invoices, correspondence, and files concerned with the installation of the Arts in Transit project. Includes consultation estimates from several companies, a bound booklet of Historical Documentation: Boston's Elevated Railway Company Washington Street Elevated Mainland Structure MBTA Orange Line (1987), a copy of Smithsonian Magazine (April 1987) containing an article about the MBTA's Red Line art project, slides of the commissioned art works for Arts in Transit, and assorted administrative files about the project.
Box 44Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 44: Box 44, 1984-1996Add to your cart.
Contains forms and questionnaires sent out to artists about the UrbanArts slide registry and artist resource center (1996), files on UrbanArts consulting projects including the UrbanArts Resource Center for Artists and Communities, correspondence to and from Lisa Jones, acting director of the Resouce Center, press information for lecture series, notes for the Dudley Town Common Project, invoices and financial information for and about the Resource Center, a file labeled "Important Letters"  containing correspondence concerning a number of projects including the Arts in Transit project (1984-1988), copies of files from the UrbanArts project director Eileen Meny, files about space maintenance (1988), files about the Oral History Center, and press releases for the Arts in Transit project (1989).
Box 45Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 45: Box 45, 1985-1987Add to your cart.
Contains project files for the Arts in Transit project including planning information for the Sources of Strength dramatic presentation, script drafts, actor and director resumes for the production, literature project files and review panel notes, photo project notes, graphics, media, and information files, a file about the Along the El exhibit at the Boston Public Library, photo project exhibit notes, and project files about the Oral History project, including classes and interview notes.
Box 46Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 46: Box 46, 1985-1987Add to your cart.
Contains a proposal for public art services for the Springfield Campanile Plaza project in Springfield, Massachusetts; brochures, announcements, and programs for the art projects at each MBTA Orange Line station; files for the Arts Panels held through the project, including minutes, proposals, and notes about decision making throughout the project. Some files on the YouthWorks/ArtWorks night at the Boston House of Blues and First Night (Teen Blues Project), file with information on the A. LaSalle case regarding the artist selection process for the Arts in Transit Project (see also Box 49: 09-584B).
Box 47Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 47: Box 47, 1985-1988Add to your cart.
Contains financial files with information about cash flows and the Arts in Transit project, budget spreadsheets, a file on the second selection process for the Back Bay station, plans for an open house (Fall 1986), fact sheets for the permanent art program, documentation of project artwork, artist contracts, folder on the literary review panel for the Boston Contemporary Writers part of the project, opening day ceremony planning, opening day video production notes, files on A. Philip Randolph and the Oral History Project, notes on public relations and the MBTA, Traditions in Motion MACH Technical Assistance Grant, consultants contracts, oral history fact sheets and general information, literature project fact sheets, design and installation questions and responses, grant to NEA for Literature Audience Development, and literature project installation information.
Box 48Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 48: Box 48, 1986-1990Add to your cart.
Contains general administrative records associated with the Arts in Transit project. Includes letters of support for UrbanArts projects, fundraising notes, Arts in Transit educational programs, status reports on community participation, copies of resumes for Eileen M. Meny, senior project director at UrbanArts, the final approved text for the Arts in Transit: The Southwest Corridor book, bi-weekly reports to the MBTA from UrbanArts, MBTA financial information, blank invoice forms, mailing labels, notes and correspondence with the Somerville Arts Council, notes from the Southwest Corridor Summit Meeting (March 1987), contract documents, and phone directories.
Box 49Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 49: Box 49, 1986-1989Add to your cart.
Contains notes, drafts, and reports about the Arts in Transit book, status reports on community participation and minority involvement, a spiral-bound booklet of "Program Information," which includes copies of newspaper articles about the Orange Line and the Arts in Transit project, a folder labeled "supplement" containing budget worksheets and consultant proposals for the project, a binder of information about the project for Dean Huble Jones (B.U. school of social work) to look over and use prior to a meeting with James F. O'Leary (General Manager) of the MBTA on March 13 1986. The files contain background information about the project, funding information, contact supplements, artists' contracts, schedules, station profiles, and responses to concerns put forth by artist Archy LaSalle regarding section procedures for the project (see also Box 46, 09-615). Finally, the box contains a binder containing a revised scope of services, project schedule, project budget, staff hours chart, staff salaries chart, and organization chart.
Box 50Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 50: Box 50, 1987-1989Add to your cart.
Contains correspondences and invoices for the Oral History Tapes and Transcriptions, files dealing with the Oral History Workshop and course, project schedules, and cassette tapes containing recordings of part of the Oral History interviews.
Box 51Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 51: Box 51, 1987Add to your cart.
Contains cassette tapes of Oral History recordings and an inventory list.
Box 52Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 52: Box 52, 1987-1988Add to your cart.
Contains photographs and negatives of the Arts in Transit project including prints that were used as part of the Oral History class, a box of photos labeled "Ricardo Smith," and negatives of portraits of individuals as part of the Oral History project.
Box 53Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 53: Box 53, 1987-1988Add to your cart.
Contains organizational files and poet resumes for the poetry workshop You Are the Poem/We Are, and Voices from the Corridor Script, "We Are the Poem" and anthology of poetry from You Are the Poem/We Are Workshops, files and notes regarding the creation of a figurative sculpture in memory of A. Philip Randolph for the Back Bay station, poetry workshop/anthology notes, and submissions to the Arts in Transit Literature Project.
Box 54Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 54: Box 54, 1987-1995Add to your cart.
Contains UrbanArts administrative files, press clippings on permanent and educational art projects, UrbanArts statements of qualifications for art projects, mailing list updates, notes on general UrbanArts projects and activities, and future planning processes.
Box 55Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 55: Box 55, 1988Add to your cart.
Contains photographs and negatives, Hakim Raquib YouthWorks/ArtWorks slides. Photographs and negatives are of the Orange Line stations and the communities around them.
Box 56Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 56: Box 56, 1989-1990Add to your cart.
Includes photographs, portraits, and Arts in Transit publication files. Most of the photos and portraits are taken by Ann McQueen, and the files contain slides of the images as well as prints. Photos of artwork and artwork being installed in different Orange Line stations. Box also contains contracts between the MBTA, UrbanArts, and commissioned artists. Negatives of images taken by Ann McQueen, and copyright surrounding those images is also included. Binder of photographs, negatives, and slides of non-commissioned works. Also includes publications and information about publishing options, including budgets, drafts, and correspondence with the MBTA. Photos and text to be included in the final publication  of Arts in Transit: The Southwest Corridor are included. Other photographers include Henry Hortenstein, J. Luenders Booth, and Monika Anderson.
Box 57Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 57: Box 57, 1989-1992Add to your cart.
Includes Arts in Transit publication files. Specs and bids for final publication, photographers files, including contracts and correspondence, for John Lueders Booth, Monika Anderson, and Lisa De Francis. Final publication budget information, including scope and schedule, invoices, general correspondence relating to the final publication, public relations correspondence with Michael McDowell, final draft test, including artist statements by Richard Gubernick, Stephen Antonakos, Virginia Gunter, Dan George, John Scott, and others. Text relating to station descriptions, oral history write-ups and transcripts for Max Trager, Sylvester Barker, Suzanne Lee, and Henry Wong, Alfredo DeJesus, Jean and Kahlil Gibran, Libby Smith, Lewis Weinstein, Margarita Winthrop, Roland Peters, Jean-Claude Matrineau, and others. Also includes details for a Roxbury Community College exhibit (1992) using photographs and oral histories from the project.
Box 58Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 58: Box 58, 1990-1993Add to your cart.
Contains photo supply catalogs, installation photos by Stephen Antonakos, installation photos by Ann McQueen, paperwork and correspondence about the final book publication, photography, and the permanent art in the project, transcripts of an interview with Ann Hershfang and Ken Kruckmeyer, Voices from the Corridor script, You are the Poem/We Are publicity samples, paperwork, and files associated with the Dudley Town Commons project, including correspondence, meeting minutes, fliers, contracts, portraits by Paul Goodnight, Richard Gubernick, Stephen Antonakos, Dan George, and Bruce Taylor. Installation photographs and negatives, and a binder containing the final publication from the MBTA.
Sub-Series 2: Central Artery ProjectAdd to your cart.
Box 59Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 59: Box 59, 1988-1994Add to your cart.
Contains general administrative files concerning the MassPort Central Artery project, including subconsultant contracts for the Logan Exhibition Program and the archives and documentation of the project, MassPort press clippings about the project, the contract between UrbanArts and MassPort, project proposals, project fact sheets for the Enclosed Walkways project, the Fish Pier and World Trade Center project, and the "A Day in the Life" project. Also includes files on the Ferry Terminal artist selection process, the Archival Records System Manual, correspondence with artists, notes on artist proposals, and artist presentations for the Terminal E project.
Box 60Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 60: Box 60, 1990-1994Add to your cart.
Contains concept reports for the Artery Arts program, Central Artery press releases, notes from client meetings, artists' suggestions for the Artery Arts program, contract negotiations for the Central Artery Contract, Central Artery cost proposal, insurance information for the project, the Central Artery mailing list, along with other general administrative files relating to the project.
Box 61Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 61: Box 61, 1990-1994Add to your cart.
Contains general correspondence between UrbanArts and MassPort concerning the contract between them for the Central Artery Art Project, correspondence with MassPort about the Logan Exhibition Program, sketches of exhibition cases for the Logan Exhibition Program,  a draft of the Archival Records System Manual for the Massachusetts Port Authority Art Collection, and information packets about the Port of Boston.
Box 62Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 62: Box 62, 1992-1994Add to your cart.
Contains files on the Central Artery Project sites, selected artist information booklets, artist selection panel notes, and general project administrative files. Project sites include the "Area North of Causeway," Charles River Crossing, Dewey Square, the Fort Point Channel Walkway, the Mass Ave Connector, the Southbay Underpass, Spectacle Island, and others. Files contain information on planning meetings, conceptual work, temporary projects, and newspaper clippings about the project.
Box 63Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 63: Box 63, 1994Add to your cart.
Contains the Central Artery artist registry for the Artery Arts project. Includes audio cassettes with music demos, brochures, programs, video tapes, photographs, and correspondences with artists including: Danny Tucker, Kim Steele, Bonnie Barnett, Atwater-Donnelly, Donald Zook, Thomas Young, Irene Smalls, Benjamin Sears, Phil Scarff, Norman Moore, Jeffrey Krieger, Jane Goldman, Annie Finch, the Anahi Galante Dance Theatre, Kay Lindsay, Phyllis Stern, Darrell Katz, Calvin Huchinson, Thomas Janzen, and Peter Vantine. Most of the artists are musicians, with some writers, dancers, and photographers.
Box 64Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 64: Box 64, 1994Add to your cart.
Contains artist registry envelopes for Peter Calo (music), and Cliff Garten (sculpture), containing cassette tapes, VHS tapes, look books, brochures, and artist information/correspondence about the artist and their work. Also includes five books and a VHS tape from Cliff Garten regarding his work on the Saint Paul Cultural Garden and the Dr. Seuss Public Art Project, a portfolio and VHS tape of Carlos W. Byron (portraitist and calligrapher), a poster for a bridge project in Oklahoma by Tom Pershall, files of slide registry applications and slides from the slide registry.
Box 65Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 65: Box 65, 1994-1999Add to your cart.
Contains Director's Files about the Central Artery Project. These include artists' suggestions for the Artery Arts program, a proposal to the Mass Turnpike Authority Public Art Program for Service Areas on the MassPike, RFQ response/proposal for the Artery Arts Program Central Artery/Tunnel project, a "Grants Strategy and Schedule Book" (1994) containing a list of grants, requirements, deadlines, and contact information. Box also contains a copy of the lease for UrbanArts offices in Harvard Square at 4 Brattle Street; correspondence with the Turnpike Authority, and specifications for the Turnpike project; Natick Visitor Center art project agreements and discussions and notes on the artist selection process for the Mass Turnpike; correspondences with artists about the project; color photographs of the Mass Turnpike site; conceptual design plans for the Mass Turnpike project; grant applications for FY98, and project notes for several projects including Boston Memorials: Citizens for Safety, City Hall Plaza, Millennium: Boston, Washington Street Charette, and the Boston Foundation: New Arts Initiative. Also includes annual UrbanArts newsletters and lecture series notes (1996), new project ideas, and notes on completed projects.
Box 66Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 66: Box 66, 1995-2000Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files concerning the MassPort/Logan 2000 Bridges artist selection process, project personnel, artist proposals, and artist presentations. Also includes information on the Piers Park project, including panelists, artist correspondence, site plans, specifications, artist proposals and selections, and correspondence with MassPort about the project.
Sub-Series 3: Youthworks/ArtworksAdd to your cart.
Box 67Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 67: Box 67, 1986-1993Add to your cart.
Contains administrative and financial files about the Youth Works/Art Works projects, contracts between UrbanArts and Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), legal consultation information and forms for parental consent, outreach fliers, fundraising letters and files relating to donors and grant agencies, YW/AW public relations files, and intern opinion polls.
Box 68Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 68: Box 68, 1992-1995Add to your cart.
Contains a scrapbook of poems and photographs for Carolyn and Larry Tribe for their support of the 1992 YouthWorks/ArtWorks program, copies of the YW/AW final report for 1993, copes of Writers With a Message anthology magazine of poetry and art by YW/AW students, lists of advisors and schedules for the 1994 program, blank application forms for YW/AW internships and Youth Art Committee positions (1994). Also includes the project overview for the 1993 class, job announcements for Urban Design Instructor and Photography Instructor, a file on the YW/AW video workshop (1993), invitations to the opening reception for In Our Own Words (1994-1995), a 3.5 in floppy disk containing proofs for the invitations from Benjamin Franklin Smith Inc. Printers, mailing lists for the invitations, YW/AW publicity information, YW/AW workshop research, YW/AW budgets (1994), Urban Design Opinion polls, Action for Boston Community Developments, Inc. (ABCD) applications for YW/AW worksite funding, Urban Design workshop student projects (1994), correspondence with YW/AW host sites, thank you letters to donors, sponsors and fundraising information, instructor meeting notes, correspondence with ABCD counselors, other administrative and publicity notes and files for the 1993-1995 seasons.
Box 69Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 69: Box 69, 1993-2001Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files pertaining to the Youth Reach programs. Includes files on the YW/AW advisory committee, the Urban Design program, ABCD Summer Works (1995), YW/AW Theatre, YW/AW Spring Semester (1996), publications, programs, and invitations to YW/AW projects, articles about different YW/AW projects, personnel policy (1994), Mission Main project (2000), the Boston After School Arts partnership, stipend reimbursements for the Teen Advisory Council (2000), notes on the Epiphany project, application for the Making Our Mark Fenway Alliance Grant, and Budget/finances for YW/AW (2000-2001).
Box 70Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 70: Box 70, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
Contains a scrapbook of literary selections from the Amherst Writers and Artist Institute, the Artworks Dover Street Teen Arts Coalition, the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, the Partners for Youth with Disabilities Access to Theatre Program, the Somerville Arts Council Books of Hope, the Theatre Offensive True Colors, and the Worcester Center for Crafts. Also contains two binders of YW/AW major public art projects (1994-1996), which include pictures, programs, and reviews of projects.
Box 71Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 71: Box 71, 1994-2000Add to your cart.
Contains general administrative files related to the YW/AW project. Includes the 1994 fundraising strategy, correspondence with advertising company Ackerley Communications, consultant contracts and correspondences, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) education manual, reimbursements, job descriptions, worksite applications, Youth Advisory Committee meetings agendas and notes, project schedules, project brainstorming, summer schedules, press releases, master copy of summer project certificates of participation, youth permission slips, final reports, mailing lists, student questionnaires for the MCC mural project (1999), and files about advisors and instructors for the project.
Box 72Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 72: Box 72, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
Contains pages from YW/AW sketchbooks, some are labeled with the student names while others are unmarked. Also contains a folder with photographs from the YW/AW collaboration with Looking to Learn at MassArt, an instructor's manual, negatives and photographs from various YW/AW projects, notes from youth advisory meetings, a copy of a curriculum resource book, pages of creative writing from students of the program, and a project binder for the Banner Project.
Box 73Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 73: Box 73, 1995-2001Add to your cart.
Contains YW/AW media. Includes slides, negatives, and video recordings of YW projects and opening receptions. Two zip-disks are included, but they are unlabeled. Also contains copies of invitations, programs, and Mystic River Trading Cards, photographs and negatives of student photography projects (1995), lots of printed photographs of various events and projects, and three VHS tapes labeled "UrbanArts Institute YW/AW Travelling Mural Project Fall 2000-Winter 2001."
Box 74Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 74: Box 74, 1999Add to your cart.
Contains slide transparencies from the YW/AW projects in 1999, including slides from individual student photographers. About 34 containers of slides labeled with student names, and approximately 50 print file sheets of slides.
Box 75Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 75: Box 75, 2000-2005Add to your cart.
Contains copies of programs and invitations to YW/AW receptions, and envelopes containing "Mystic River Trading Cards," produced as part of a YW/AW project for use in middle school classrooms.
Box 76Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 76: Box 76, 2000-2005Add to your cart.
Contains project binders for YW/AW projects including: "Airport 'Wanna Fly' Project" (2001), "After School Arts Program" (2002), Teen Advisory Council (2000-2004), the Mission Main Photo/Writing Project (2000), the Mystic River Trading Card Project (2001), and the Teen Curators Project. Binders contain general information about the project, participants, fact sheets, correspondence, sign in sheets, photographs, slides, and other project documentation.
Box 77Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 77: Box 77, 2000-2005Add to your cart.
Contains YW/AW project binders for projects including: Epiphany School project, IBA project, Teen Curators Workshop, the Travelling Mural project, and Kids with a Mission project. Box also contains an envelope of VHS Tape labels and a filled business card Rolodex.
Sub-Series 4: Individual ProjectsAdd to your cart.
Box 78Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 78: Box 78, 1984-1990Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for the Public Art Conference and the Culture and Commerce project. Includes correspondence, information packets, speaker information, Boston Development projects, fundraising notes, letters of support, budget information, artist information, and submissions for projects.
Box 79Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 79: Box 79, 1986-1990Add to your cart.
Contains a binder labeled "Department of Environmental Mgt. Pjts." Contains information about collaborative projects between Urban Arts and the Department of Environmental Management, specifically the Culture and Commerce Partners for Success project. Includes advisory and steering committee information, descriptive materials, fundraising notes, cash flow projections, notes on potential collaborators, and notes on the growth and development of the city of Boston.
Box 80Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 80: Box 80, 1986-1990Add to your cart.
Project files for "On Site/New England: Public Art and Perspective," including documentation forms for selected and unselected works for New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island, exhibit checklists, notes on lenders to the exhibition, notes and invitations for the opening reception, exhibit tour notes, and photographs and press clippings for the project.
Box 81Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 81: Box 81, 1987-1989Add to your cart.
Contains files on the collaboration between UrbanArts and the Department of Environmental Management on the Worker's Place project in Lawrence, MA. Includes project contracts, grant applications, general correspondence, financial records, personnel information, selected artists for the project, public relations and press clippings for the project, fund raising information, and other administrative files relating to the Worker's Place project.
Box 82Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 82: Box 82, 1987-1988Add to your cart.
Contains project files for the Mary Ellen McCormack project, and the ComFed project. The McCormack project includes correspondence, budget, contracts and contract negotiations, selected artist information, press clipping, a geotechnical report, project plan, scope, and schedule, and arts panel meeting notes. The ComFed project includes financial and contract files, artist selection processes, artist proposals for the project, and a binder about the ComFed Savings Bank Public Art Competition.
Box 83Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 83: Box 83, 1987-1989Add to your cart.
Contains files relating to projects completed by UrbanArts for the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) in the late 1980s. Includes an administrative contract between UrbanArts and the Department of Environmental Management, selection panel information, minutes from meetings to do with DEM projects, project proposals and correspondence having to do with projects such as the Springfield Campanile project, a submission for a collaboration between UrbanArts and the Carlson Group for a project in Pemberton Square, the Ames Pond Dam project, the Minuteman Bike Way Trail, the Washington Park in Chelsea project, copies of Sculptor magazine, and newspaper clipping detailing the different projects.
Box 84Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 84: Box 84, 1987-1990Add to your cart.
Contains files on the Daniel J. Ahern memorial in Copley Square. Includes a project proposal, notes from panel meetings, correspondence about the project, contracts, scope, schedule, and budget for the project, financial reports and invoices, notes from site committee meetings and art panel meetings, file on the selection procedure, and press clippings about the project.
Box 85Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 85: Box 85, 1988-1991Add to your cart.
Contains notes on the Arts in Transit budget, an internal audit, invoices for Arts in Transit, further notes on the Ahern Memorial project in Copley Square, and other similar financial and project files, primarily about the Arts in Transit projects.
Box 86Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 86: Box 86, 1993-1999Add to your cart.
Contains project files for the Women's Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue. Includes project fact sheets, site information, information about artists being considered, the artist selection process, artist proposals, client proposals and contracts, contract information, project schedule, arts panel directory, project specifications, invoices, budget, and financial reports to the client (City of Boston), a history of the Commonwealth Mall, textile samples in a binder labeled "Monk's Belt", and textile samples in a binder labeled Miscellaneous Napkins."
Box 87Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 87: Box 87, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
Contains project files for the Vendome Memorial project, includes proposals, panel directory, and committee information, meeting minutes, publicity notes, correspondence, artist presentations, contracts, project specifications, and financial files for the project.
Box 88Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 88: Box 88, 1994-1999Add to your cart.
Contains files on the UrbanArts Artist Resource Center, notes on video projects, a workbook from a public design workshop, reports on review of financial statements (1994-1996). Also contains files on the merger of UrbanArts with MassArt, including fiscal information, legal files, negotiations, and staffing.
Box 89Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 89: Box 89, 1995Add to your cart.
Contains project files for the Dr. Seuss Memorial in Springfield, MA. Includes information on Springfield libraries and museums, artist interviews, meeting agendas and minutes, site notes and photographs, correspondence, copies of Dr. Seuss poems, stories, and notes, project specifications, and Springfield public art tour information.
Box 90Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 90: Box 90, 1999-2004Add to your cart.
Contains grant and project proposals to the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the National Endowment of the Arts. Includes applications, budgets, project reports, and other information relating to those grants and projects.
Box 91Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 91: Box 91, 2000-2006Add to your cart.
Contains project files for a number of projects including ones on hold or inactive. Includes files on the YW/AW Bates School Project, and the 1003 YW/AW Show. Includes David Phillips files, featuring notes on the David Phillips vs. Pembroke Real Estate case concerning the Massachusetts Art Preservation Act. Also includes grant applications and grant information for different projects, including grant applications sent to the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Boston Vision Fund.
Box 92Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 92: Box 92, 2005Add to your cart.
Contains the proposal for a project for the Mayor Kevin White memorial, presented by Wendy M. Ross.
Box 93Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 93: Box 93: UA/MCA 09, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains project files for projects done since UrbanArts move to MassArt. Includes files on the Mayor White Memorial project, MassPort marketing strategies, the Unifying Gift project exchange between artists in Macedonia and the US (2005), the Mass Horticultural Society Greenway Parcels, the Mattapan Library Art project, Mission Hill Bike Racks, the Poe Square project, the Save the Harbor Save the Bay project, and the Utile Convention Center, among others. Files generally contain correspondence, artist contacts, budgeting information, proposals, and other general administrative files.
Box 94Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 94: Box 94: UA/MCA 08, 2006-2012Add to your cart.
Contains files for projects done after the move to MassArt. Includes contracts and budgets for the Mayor White Memorial, an artist resume for sculptor Pablo Eduardo, invoices, a contract between UrbanArts and Unicorn Art Studio Inc., a contract between UrbanArts and Washington Gateway Main Street for the Nack Art project, Neck Art project proposals and budgets, fundraising, and copies of proposals for the project, and files from the Worcester Commons project.
Box 95Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 95: Box 95: UA/MCA 10, 2006-2012Add to your cart.
Contains project files since the UrbanArts move to MassArt, incluiding "Active Projects in 2012." Includes the Battery Wharf project, the Boston Harbor Show (2009), the Brighton Library, the Boston Medical Center, the Children's Museum windows, the Clippership Wharf project, a Nation Endowment of the Arts grant application for the Deer Island project, as well as proposals for the project ,the Dorchester Arts Collaborative, the Peabody Square project, projects with the Fenway Alliance, and others.  Files generally contain budgets, correspondence, artist proposals and selection, site information, contracts, and invoices.
Box 96Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 96: Box 96: UA/MCA 01, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains individual project files for several projects, including: the Honan Library project in Allston, the Packards Corner projects in Allston, Battery Whard, BCEC (2005-2007), Boston Art Windows Project, the Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston Photo Nights, Boston Medical Center project, Boston Schoolyard Initiative, and the Harold Connolly Tribute. The files generally contain financial and fundraising information, correspondence, artist proposals and selections, press releases, and other general administrative files.
Box 97Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 97: Box 97: UA/MCA 02, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects, including: the Harold Connolly Tribute, Brookline Arts Center, Cambridge 101 Main Street project, Cambridge Constellation Center, Forbes Park in Chelsea, the Children's Hospital, Clippership Wharf, Connecticut River Riverscaping, East Boston Harbor Arts, and the Deer Island Irish Monument project. Files generally contain invoices, artist proposals, financial and fundraising files, production files, artist contracts, research, and other administrative files.
Box 98Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 98: Box 98: UA/MCA 03, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects, including: Deer Island Memorials, Mission Hill Park, Ashmont Vince Droser tribute, Ashmont Peabody Square project, Dorchester Fallen Heros memorial, and the Dorchester Four Corners project. Files include project proposals, consultations from outside contractors, correspondence, invoices, artist proposals and selections, research, applications for funding, and other administrative files.
Box 99Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 99: Box 99: UA/MCA 04, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects, including: the East Boston Condor Street Fence Panels project, the Fenway Artistic Identifiers, the Fenway/Kenmore development, Lawrence Union Crossing, Lederman Field, Lowell Point Park, Lowell Appleton Studios, Appleton Art Yard, MassArt Lost in Boston project, and the MassPort Terminal A project. Includes press releases, correspondence, artist contracts and billing, artist proposals and selections, master plans for projects, reports, research, and other general administrative files.
Box 100Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 100: Box 100: UA/MCA 05, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects including: the Mattapan Library, Mission Hill bike racks, Mozart Park, Massachusetts State House Edward Cohen Plaque, MassPort Terminal A project, and the Mayor Kevin White Tribute. Includes administrative and financial information, invoices, reports, research, correspondence, artist proposals and selection process, press, contracts, and designs.
Box 101Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 101: Box 101: UA/MCA 06, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects including: the Mayor White Tribute, the North End Library, the Richmond Project, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Roxbury Center for Arts at Hibernian Hall, the Neck Art Project, the South Bay Harbor Trail, and the Washington Gateway. It includes a file on the Sasaki Artist Pool Database. The files generally contain correspondence, contracts and billing, artist proposals and selections, designs, research, maps, and other administrative files about the projects.
Box 102Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 102: Box 102: UA/MCA 07, 2005-2012Add to your cart.
Contains administrative files for individual projects including: the South Bay Harbor Trail, Spectacle Island, the Stanhope Children's Park, the Summer Street Project, Tufts University, Watertown Charles River Park, the White House Holiday Ornament, Windscape Ideas Competition, and Worcester Art in the Park. Includes master plans, invoices, billing, contracts, correspondence, artist proposals and selection, research designs, maps, and other administrative information.
Series 3: Publications and PublicityAdd to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: Newspaper ClippingsAdd to your cart.
Box 103Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 103: Box 103, 1980-1997Add to your cart.
Contains public art clippings and press releases from Cambridge, Lawrence, Lowell, Salem, Springfield, and other Massachusetts towns, as well as public art clippings from Michigan and Minnesota. Clippings cover the "Percent for Art" project, the Lowell plan, "Arts on the Line," and other public art projects. There are also project planning files for a few of the projects being reported.
Box 104Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 104: Box 104, 1983-2004Add to your cart.
Contains public art clippings from Boston and Cambridge. Includes press releases as well as article clippings about UrbanArts projects and public art, Boston "Percent for Art," Cambridge "Arts on the Line," the City Hall Plaza project, and other small projects as reported from a number of newsletters and newspapers.
Box 105Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 105: Box 105, 1985-1988Add to your cart.
Contains press clippings for On Site/New England and other art projects. Includes clippings from local newspapers and newsletters, including The Boston Ledger, Southwest Corridor News, the Harvard Advocate, Cambridge Chronicle, Jamaica Plain Art News, The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, and The Boston Herald, among others.
Box 106Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 106: Box 106, 1986-1988Add to your cart.
Contains press clippings for the Oral History project, the Southwest Corridor project, and general public art projects. Includes clippings from the JP Citizen, Bay State Banner, South End News, Boston Tab, Brookline Citizen, Nashua Telegraph, Boston Sunday Herald, Worcester Telegram, Middlesex News, Lawrence Eagle Tribune, Dorchester Argus, Boston Globe, New York Times, and other local newspapers and newsletters.
Sub-Series 2: Publication PreparationAdd to your cart.
Box 107Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 107: Box 107, 1988-1995Add to your cart.
Contains photographic prints of artworks used in the Arts in Transit project; slide registry information; artist contracts; photographs from the City Hall Plaza competition signed by Mayor Menino; oversized materials; Alice Adams slides for the slide registry; the original layout for New Roles for Arts and Humanities in Urban Revitalization by Myrna Margulies Breitbart and Pamela Worden;  the original layout for The Citizen's Guide to Public Art; a cassette tape from WBUR labeled "Fresh Air;" old maps of Mattapan Square; photographs and prints of art projects by Dan George; copies of posters and handouts from UrbanArts events.
Box 108Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 108: Box 108, 1990-1998Add to your cart.
Contains UrbanArts publications preparation. Includes author biographies; Xeroxes of photos used in publications; an inventory of photographic documentation of Arts in Transit Literature installations; a box of 4x5 color film positives of the Orange Line; a bag of mounted exhibit labels with artist names on them; a box containing project information about the Boston Greenway; a box of 4x5 color film positives and color 35mm slides of Back Bay neon signage; a box of photographic prints and film positives for various projects; a box of 4x5 color positive film for the Southwest Corridor Park and Orange Line stations; and a box of photograph exhibit labels.
Series 4: Oversize MaterialAdd to your cart.
Box 109Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 109: Box 109, 1980-2000Add to your cart.
Contains 25 VHS tapes, one 3/4" copy of an Aerial Image Demo, 4 Zip Disks, 1 CD Rom/DVD, and 15 cassette tapes. Zip disks contain information for the UrbanArts website, cassette tapes include primarily interviews with artists, the VHS tapes contain interviews, news segments, and documentaries about UrbanArts and public art projects.
Box 110Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 110: Box 110, 1986-2002Add to your cart.
Contains 34 VHS tapes of reports on UrbanArts projects from news stations. Also contains a tape of Public Interventions produced by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Other tapes include Roundabout Boston's Public Art/Holocaust Memorial featuring Pamela Worden, Mary Shannon, and Alex Krieger, On Site New England's Public Art in Perspective, and Pulling it Together in North Philadelphia by WHYY.
Box 111Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 111: Box 111, 1986-2002Add to your cart.
Contains 39 VHS tapes of documentaries and news segments about public art projects and UrbanArts. Includes the Nesson Media/Boston UrbanArts report W-Dub from Beta Reel, an UrbanArts panel on "Why is Public Art Important Now?", YW/AW on WBZ-TV news, BNN-TV "In Full Effect," and the documentary "Tell Me Somethings I Can't Forget: Low Income Women Write About Their Lives" by Diane Garey and Lawrence Hott.
Box 112Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 112: Box 112: UA/MCA 15, 1991-2001Add to your cart.
Contains agendas and information packets for the Annual Board of Director's meeting (2007-2010), Creating a Sense of Place in Urban Communities report to the Massachusetts Foundation of Humanities, a binder containing list of proposed panelists for Central Artery projects (1993), a certificate of appreciation from Action for Boston Community Development (1996), and a file of blank deposit slips for the UrbanArts bank account.
Box 113Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 113: Box 113, 1995-2012Add to your cart.

Collection of oversized materials covering a range of different projects. Include: Three process and committee boards for the Harold Connolly Tribut by C. Lanza (2005); design boards for the Deer Island Memorial Project by Lloyd Gay (2003); notes from the key stakeholder vision session for the Hamilton Canal District Point Park and National Historic Park Visitor Center and Multi-Modal Transit System stop (2011); the Wentworth plan for the Kitty Dukakis Park upgrade (2004); a portfolio for James Carpenter Design Associates for Sign Art Studios (2001-2002); a draft master plan for Park Enhancements of the Evans Way Park (2004); Hakim Raquib, photograph project coordinator, Mission Hill prints for exhibition at Mission Main office (1995); and oversized photographs from UrbanArts projects.

Also includes artist proposals from multiple UrbanArts projects including: Artistic Markers Proposal for the Fenway Cultural Alliance by Linda Ross (2004); the Harold Connolly Tribute by Pablo Eduardo; multiple proposals for the Deer Island memorial; the Artwall for Mass College of Art by Kyu Sung Woo (2002); Hakim Raquib's Mission Hill project (1995); and others.